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By Reesha Armstead

Reesha knows all too well what it means to cope with adversity in life. She lives with cerebral palsy, but she has never let her disability define who she is or what she achieves. Throughout her life, Reesha has cultivated a strong mindset that has enabled her to adapt and navigate her way through life’s ups and downs. 


When the Covid-19 pandemic swept around the globe in 2020, we all faced unprecedented challenges and were forced to adapt to the “new normal”, regardless of our situation. In her insightful and inspiring book, Reesha follows the timeline of the Covid-19 pandemic, sharing her own experiences of living through these strange times. She also seeks to shine a light on the impact ​​that various decisions made by the state have had on the disability community as a whole. 


She shares personal memories and stories from her past, to show how she has developed resilience and a strong mindset that has seen her and her family through the Covid-19 pandemic. 


Although The Covid Kaleidoscope examines the pandemic from different  perspectives, this book is not only for those living with a disability, it is for everyone facing adversity. While the Covid-19 pandemic is a central theme, through telling her story, Reesha teaches us about strength, positivity and ultimately, the importance of showing gratitude and appreciation for all that we have. 

The Covid Kaleidoscope
A Disabled Person's Eye View
of the Pandemic


Stories of
Truth and Triumph
Book 2 -- Choices Made

By Lisa King 

An Amazon No 1 International Best Seller, Stories of Truth and Triumph Book 2 – Choices Made is an anthology of raw true-life stories, which are as varied as they are heart-felt.


Each author draws upon real-life experience and writes in-depth about the challenges they’ve faced, the choices they’ve made and the lessons they learnt along the way to create the life that they deserve, one of fulfilment and joy. Some subjects are more taboo than others. No matter how unpalatable some of the topics are; there is humour, love and laughter too. All will move you.


As a co-author of this incredible book, Reesha Armstead shares her story of studying at university and facing discrimination as a disabled person, whilst at the same time dealing with a multitude of personal challenges.

Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re right there in the play of the life-story being told, feeling every emotion felt at the time, and other times, you’ll feel like a spectator sitting in the audience watching the play - able to reflect on the choices made by the characters you’re watching from afar. Having both perspectives helps you get into the author’s head, “walk a mile in their shoes…” and better understand why the choices made at the time were so important with the benefit of hindsight.

Lisa King is one half of Valentine King the founder and lead author of the Stories of Truth and Triumph book series. All profits from the sales of this book go to Meghan's Space, a charity which supports young people with mental health issues.

Image by Milad Fakurian
3D Kindle Co-authored - Stories of Truth and Triumph Book 2 Choices Made - Image.png
3D Co-authored - Stories of Truth and Triumph Book 2 Choices Made - Image.png
Image by Milad Fakurian
3D Co-authored - Stories of Truth and Triumph Book 3 Looking Beyond Labels Image.png

Stories of
Truth and Triumph

Book 3 -- Looking Beyond Labels

By Valentine King

How Self-Definition is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness


An inspirational multi author book guiding and compelling you to become authentically YOU.


Stories of Truth and Triumph, Book 3 – Looking Beyond Labels, is a collection of 13 true stories with each author taking you on their personal journey of defining what their ‘label’ means to them. As you read each story, you’ll create new beliefs from the wisdom shared, upgrading your current thinking, improving your understanding of yourself and others.

The chapters vary widely within the theme of ‘labels’ and there just maybe one that totally resonates with you, and you have a revolutionary ‘Ah Ha’ moment within your own life.


In this incredibly powerful book, Reesha's chapter offers us deep insight into what it means to live with disability in the context of the perceptions of others. She shares her negative experiences of having various labels bestowed upon her and turns them into positive lessons that we can all learn from.


When you change the way you think, you change the way you feel and behave, and when that happens, you begin to change the world. 

Valentine King are the founders and publishers of the Stories of Truth and Triumph book series. All profits from the sales of this book go to Meghan's Space, a charity which supports young people with mental health issues.

Made It
Despite It All,  Because Of It All

By Valentine King


Do you want to feed your soul, and your wallet at the same time, getting paid what you’re worth?

This is a book you cannot afford not to read. A self-help entrepreneurship, lifestyle and personal development book, like no other!

16 inspirational stories of success in life and business from everyday people… despite having the odds well and truly stacked against them. These stories will inspire you to believe your ‘story’ is your most valuable asset – you just might not realise it before reading this book.

Reesha's chapter in this book reveals her lifelong journey to independence as a disabled person, from her struggles at boarding school to building the life she knew she deserved, both for herself and her family.


You’ve read all the motivational books you needed yet the only thing having lasting transformation is your bookcase! You’re full of knowledge, yet starving for wisdom.

Image by Milad Fakurian
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