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Reesha Armstead lives with a physical disability called athetoid cerebral palsy, as well as spinal scoliosis. She has a speech impairment and uses a specialised powered wheelchair to get around. She requires assistance with every aspect of her daily living and employs a team of Support Assistants to enable her to live in the way that she chooses, with full autonomy and independence.


Reesha is an up and coming author with her first book, 'The Covid Kaleidoscope - A Disabled Person's Eye View of the Pandemic' becoming an Amazon No 1 Best Seller when it was published in 2022.

Reesha embraces any opportunity to collaborate with others and is the co-author of International Best Seller, 'Stories of Truth and Triumph 2 - Choices Made', 'Stories of Truth and Triumph 3  - Looking

Beyond Labels' and 'MADE IT - Despite It All, Because Of It All'. Each of these books is an anthology of inspirational stories in which the authors share their journeys from adversity to success and are led by International Speaker, Selfloveologist, Author, TEDx Speaker and Mentor, Lisa King and her publishing company, Valentine King.


With an incredible amount of life experience to share, things have never been easy for Reesha, yet her pure grit and determination to succeed at everything she does is inspirational. She finds herself having to spend much of her time challenging the negative attitudes of others in order to break down the barriers that exist everywhere in the lives of disabled people, but her 'can do' approach has proved many people wrong, time and again.


Through her writing, she exudes a clear zest for life, embracing her disability and sharing her passion for raising awareness of the issues faced by the disability community, changing attitudes and promoting positive thinking and acceptance. Reesha believes that disabled people are Not That Different and aims to educate on disability through her writing and has shared her message by working with local primary schools. 

Reesha is Chair of Governors at her local primary school and employs and manages her own team of Support Assistants to enable her to live her life as she chooses. She is an avid reader, loves swimming and enjoys listening to music.


She lives with her husband in a small village called Costock in Leicestershire and has two daughters.

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